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Manchac Entertainment believes in helping people improve the quality of life in their communities, through Advertisement and Services.  We partner with organizations, schools, universities and other businesses to support programs that help make communities a better place to live. 


We will strive to improve the communities where we do business by supporting initiatives that enrich and enhance the lives of people throughout the country. 


Manchac Entertainment is directed by Ronald Schexnayder

Web pages are created and designed by Ronald Schexnayder

Advertising inquires and editorial comments managed Ronald Schexnayder





















Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)


For fast answers to frequently asked questions, browse the following FAQs. Still have questions? Contact us directly.


FAQ ~  Can I have a web page created just to showcase my wedding pictures or our new baby when we have our first child?


Yes, Manchac Entertainment will arrange your pictures in a visual display designed just for you, for all your family and friends to enjoy.


FAQ ~  We want to have a family reunion next year, can you create a place where everyone can get all the detail and updated information?


Manchac Entertainment will work with you until the week of the event to ensure it is the greatest reunion ever, your reunion link will make the event very easy to manage.


FAQ ~  I am from the Town of Saint of Gabriel, and I want to make an online public announcement, who should I contact?


Click on the Contact Us link above and contact Ronald Schexnayder and make arrangements for your announcement to be considered for placement on the Manchac Entertainment web site, or email your request to




















One web page design for advertisement, whether personal or business  -  ($50.00)

Advertisement Package ($30.00) one year contract, minor corrections permitted e.g., 

phone number, address, etc. (For a total of $80 for your first year of advertisement).


Web pages design for an Event that links to two or more pages -  ($100.00)

Maintenance Package ($8.35) monthly charge, collected quarterly, one year contract.

(Includes necessary updating until one week before the event)

Bonus Package ($9.35) monthly charge, collected quarterly, one year contract.

(Include design of event flyer and name tag) 


Contact for payment information.